Play Winemaker for a day
wineVisit a fabulous wine estate and learn about the vintages, the harvest, the transformation of the grapes after harvest and the preparation for the next vintage and its effects on the wine.

This is followed by a tasting of individual wines, being taught how to blend and then actually making your own bottle of wine to take home!

One day wine tasting tours
Join a one day wine tour with our experienced regional guide. This gives guests the opportunity to visit some of the great vineyards of Bordeaux, the Medoc, St Emilion, Duras and Bergerac and to sample this region’s finest wines. All the senses are engaged as the guide and the winemakers weave their magic. To complete your day’s pleasure, take one of our delectable homemade picnics along with you.

Longer wine indulgences
As an enthusiast wishing to learn more about wine try attending a three day course which covers the history of wine, the key varietals and geography and the theory of wine tasting, to name a few of the topics contained on this in-depth and entertaining course. Of course it ends with blending a personal wine!



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